Aubergine Production

Italy and Spain.

Aubergine Production is a food, fashion & lifestyle specialised photo-video team based and between Milan-Mantua area and Barcelona. With over two decades of experience in carrying out high-end photographic services for both editorial and advertising campaigns, they are experts in producing truly stunning mouth watering images. They pride themselves on their friendly approach, and work collaboratively with clients in order to fully realise creative ideas. 
Aubergine provides photography, film direction, food styling, prop styling, art direction, digital post production, video editing web design and 3D graphic ( powered by Reload Group ). 
Reload is a team of professionals passionate about design, innovation, communication, culture and technology, with proven national and international experience.
They assist companies and institutions in their projects, innovation processes and digital transformation, helping them to adapt to new scenarios.
At Reload they are specialists in new technologies and immersive technologies (VR, AR, MR, XR).
They have an extensive global network of specialists and collaborators, which makes us a meeting point for creative innovation and the application of trends to their projects. 

Selected clients:

Elle, GQ, House&Garden, Psychologies Mag, Sale&Pepe, Saveurs, Vogue Gioiello, Wine Enthusiast,  Alli, Algida, Autogrill, Bertolli, Bo Frost, Bonne Maman, Buitoni, Carrefour, Ducros / Shwartz, Findus, KitchenAid, Krikita, Knorr, Kraft Foods, Leclerc, Giovanni Rana, Mondelez, M&Ms, Nadec, Nescafè, Perugina,  Sainsbury’s, Sony Playstation, Swatch, Tyson, Tre Marie, Unilever, Vahiné, Wall’s and agencies such as Australie, 1HQ, ADS Glen, Athem, Future Brand, Grey Paris, Leo Burnett, Lorenzo Marini, JKR, JWT, Mc Cann  Ericksson, MRM, Oveja Negra, Saatchi&Saatchi, RBA, Saatchi Gad, Vibrand, WCRS, Young & Rubicam and more.


Corso Umberto I 28 46100 Mantova, Italy +39 351 96 59 476 / +39 0376 17 90 871

C/ Pau Claris 173 1-1, 08037 Barcelona, Spain +34 658 869 431

Directors & Photographers:

Francesco Majo +39 351 96 59 476 ( photographer and director )
Nataly Cadavid  +39 351 75 20 548 ( stylist and director )

Fabian Zeferin +34 657 528 515 ( art direction and 3D graphic projects ) @Reload
Emanuele Colombo +39 348 7281929 ( portrait photographer and artist )

Juan Pablo Majo ( photographer and director ) +39 351 61 32 679

Sophie & Frenky (photographer and fashion stylist – young fashion projects) @_sofmajo_

Represented in Italy by: PHOTOGROUP SERVICE,